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In Cosmoteer, mods are shared as easily-installable "mod packages". This guide will show you how to create your own mods and then package them up to share with others.

Step 1: Create a mod folder

First, open Cosmoteer's "Standard Mods" folder. If you've installed Cosmoteer in the default location, this is located in C:\Program Files\Cosmoteer\Standard Mods. You should see a handful mods that already came pre-installed with Cosmoteer:

Pre installed mods.png

  • example_mod is a mod that demonstrates how a mod can change gameplay rules and add new features.
  • example_translation is a mod that demonstrates how a mod can add additional language translations.

When creating your first mod, it is typically easiest to copy an existing mod (such as one of these example mods) and modify it. Depending on whether you want to create a gameplay mod or a language translation, copy either the example_mod or example_translation folder and give it a unique folder name. Every mod must have its own folder name, so choose something that's going to be unique. I recommend your_name.mod_name. (Don't worry, you can give it a more human-friendly name to display in Cosmoteer's user interface.)

Mod name.png

When creating a new mod or copying an existing mod, you should create or copy it inside of Documents\My Games\Cosmoteer\Mods. DO NOT put it inside the Standard Mods folder! While this will work in the short-term, updating or re-installing Cosmoteer will erase everything in that folder! (Also, even if a mod works when put in Standard Mods, it may not work for other players who put it in the correct location.)

Step 2: Edit the `mod.txt` file

Next, open your mod's folder. In it there should be a file called mod.txt. This is the one file that every mod must have! A mod with a missing or incorrectly configured mod.txt file will cause errors and probably won't load.

Open up your mod's mod.txt file in your favorite text editor. It contains data that you should customize for the purposes of your mod, as well as detailed comments describing how to configure the `mod.txt` file. Reading those comments should give you a good introduction to modding! You can also learn more about modding on the Modding Main Page.

If you've copied an existing mod, now may also be a good time to remove any extra files that your mod won't need. (For example, if you've copied the example_mod mod, then you should probably delete the super_armor and super_armor_wedge folders, as well as `Skeletor.ship.png`.) You'll also want to remove the example "actions" from the mod.txt file, as well as unused strings from the Strings/en.txt file.

Step 3: Test your mod

Once you've made changes to your mod, you'll of course want to test it to make sure it works how you want it to!

Simply creating a folder for your mod won't activate it. You still need to turn it on using the Mods Manager. This guide explains how to turn on mods. Remember that you need to restart Cosmoteer after turning on a mod and after making any edits to a mod.

Step 4: Package your mod

Once you're happy with how your mod if working, you may want to share it with other players.

You can use the Mods Manager to automatically create a .zip package file of your mod. Simply right-click on your mod and select "Create Mod Package":

Create mod package.png

Choose a place to save the .zip file, making sure to give it the same name as your mod folder.

Then, you should test your own mod to make sure it installs and works properly. You should temporarily rename your mod's folder so that it doesn't get overwritten when installing your mod from its .zip file and then follow these instructions to install and test your mod.

Step 5: Share your mod

When you've confirmed that your mod installs and runs correctly, you are ready to share it with the other players! I recommend that you post a download link to its .zip file in the mods sub-forum, but you are also welcome and encouraged to share it on any other websites as well.

When choosing a site to host your mod's .zip file, please choose a file sharing site that uses secure connection (HTTPS) and which's not littered with ads masquerading as download buttons (these can confuse players and possibly even lead them to downloading malware). We recommend OneDrive, Dropbox or MEGA.

Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting for Cosmoteer's data files is supported via plugins for some text editors. Click the link for your text editor for more information: