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In Cosmoteer, player-created modifications to the game are distributed and installed using "mod packages". These packages are simply self-contained .zip files containing all the files included in the mod. Cosmoteer has a built-in tool that can automatically install mods directly from mod package files.

How to install mod packages:

First, find a mod package (on the forum or elsewhere) and download it!

Next, launch Cosmoteer and click on the "Mods" button in the lower-left corner of the title screen.

Mods button.png

In the top-right corner of the Mods Manager, click the little button with the three horizontal lines and then select "Install Mod".

Install mod.png

Select the .zip file for the mod you downloaded. If all goes well, Cosmoteer will automatically install the mod for you.

Once you've installed a mod, it still won't actually do anything until you turn it on. To turn on a mod, simply click the little on/off icon to the left of its name. The icon should be green and the mod should say "ON".

Mod on.png

After turning on a mod, close the Mods Manager and restart Cosmoteer. (Turning on and off mods will have no effect until the game is restarted.) The mod should now be active. Have fun!

How to upgrade mods:

If a mod has released a new version and you wish to upgrade it, simply download its updated .zip file and install it using the above instructions. You'll receive a warning about overwriting the existing mod, which is okay since you want to replace it with an upgraded version.

How to uninstall mods:

If for any reason you want to uninstall a mod (it doesn't work, or you just don't like it), you can do that in two ways.

The easiest is to open up the Mods Manager, right-click on the mod you want to uninstall, and select "Uninstall Mod".

Uninstall mod.png

If for any reason that doesn't work for you (maybe the game doesn't even load due to a problem with a mod), you can also delete the mod yourself. Go to Cosmoteer's "Mods" folder at Documents\My Games\Cosmoteer\Mods, in which every installed mod has its own sub-folder. Simply delete the mod's sub-folder to uninstall it.

Help, a buggy mod broke the game and now it won't start!!

If the game won't start because of a broken mod, then go find the shortcut in your start menu called Cosmoteer (No Mods). Running the game using this shortcut will temporarily disable all mods and the game will start as if no mods are turned on. Once the game is started, you can use the Mods Manager to turn off or uninstall the broken mod. (If for some reason you can't find that shortcut, you can also start Cosmoteer and pass it the --no-mods argument.)