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Use the File menu to load a particle effect file. The left side of the screen will have a user interface for editing the particle effect, and the right side of the screen will allow you to preview the particle effect by clicking in it.

Particles are created by a "particle emitter" (edited using EmitterDef in the U.I.) and then simulated using a "particle system" (edited using Def in the U.I.). Particles are emitted and simulated by running a sequence of "operations" on per-particle variables. The Particle Editor interface allows you do add, remove, and modify those operations.

When a particle is created, the following operations are run in order:

  1. The PreInitializers in EmitterDef
  2. The Initializers in Def
  3. The PostInitializers in EmitterDef

Once a particle is emitted, it is updated every frame by running all of the Updaters in Def.

Particles are then rendered using its Renderer, which takes as input the variables that were initialized and updated by the operations.

Many of the particle effects in Cosmoteer are actually created from multiple simultaneous particle effects. The Particle Editor allows you to load multiple effects simultaneously as "layers" and preview them all at once.