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As part of modding rotation is an important element in creating the look or function of parts by orienting them properly. Rotation are given in degrees and followed by a d e.g. 90d.

Part rotation

Transformation rotation

As Cosmoteer does not do actual rotation but flipping instead part rotation in build mode had become a crashing problem. This also affected the placement of doors. As addressed and suggested by Lafiel the mirroring solution was introduced with Cosmoteer 0.11.12 to address these problems. In order to have parts properly rotated for placement mirror parts have to be created along with the original part. In the original part it must be specified and linked to the mirror part for its replacement when rotated. The necessary mirroring matrix has to be added. The matrix can be different for different form types.

	FlipHRotate = [0, 3, 2, 1]
	FlipVRotate = [2, 1, 0, 3]
	UsePartWhenFlipped = MyMirrorPart

See Transformation matrix.

UI rotation

For icons used for selecting parts in the UI separates transformation UVRect has to be added for mirror parts.

			File = "icon.png"
			SampleMode = Linear
			Left = 1
			Right = 0
			Top = 0
			Bottom = 1
		Size = [32, 16]

In order to prevent axial resizing miss-alignment textures must have even 2x tile sizes.

For blueprints see Texture rotation - Transformation rotation.

Component rotation

A whole component can be rotated which is applied to all sub-components and textures. The rotation point is the same as the location.

	Type = Graphics
	Location = [x, y]
	Rotation = 90d


turret orientation scheme

A turret must always be rotated -90d in order to face forward. Anything chained to the turret will also be rotated along. In order to align them they have to reverse their rotation. Also off-center coordinates have to be adjusted to the new orientation to be properly aligned.

Texture rotation

Textures can be rotated independently from their component if desired. The rotation point is the same as the location.

Crew rotation

Crew and texture rotation are the same except center alignment isn't perfect and may require adjustments.

crew orientation scheme

Transformation rotation

For special cases like mirroring an UV transformation can be used instead. The MirrorU or MirrorV has to be enabled. Sequence priority is mirrors first and then rotation!

			File = "blueprints.png";
			MirrorU = true
			Size = [2, 4];
			Offset = [0, 0];

UV rotation is done by using UVRotation.

		File = "floor.png"
		UVRotation = 1
		Size = [1, 1]

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