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Damage is part first dash radius

Munition Carried Storage Production per second Volatility
Generator Storage Generator Storage
Battery 1000 8000 15000 1515 4000-6 0
Ammo 2 12 18 2 2000-4 3000-4
Missile parts 1 12 12 2 3000-6 3000-6

Ammo is the hardest to store but the cheapest to produce and store. Ammo factory can produce/store 62 bullets before needing to be restocked. This makes it very feasible to produce ammo localized for your cannons. It will be more space efficient, crew efficient, and safer.

Batteries are middle of the road. Storage easier and cheaper then ammo and its safe. But power hungry parts require a lot of production so should have reactors near them

Missiles are extreamly expensive to produce and hard to store. Its cheap to store so multiple storages can be sufficient for a few volleys of missiles. Empty storages don't explode making them safe when used. Missiles will always have logistics problems so keeping ammo near the launchers is essential.