Point Defense

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Point Defense
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Part information
Part ID:



WeaponsEnergy, Defenses


defense, using_ammo


1 tonnes







Crew movement speed:
Ammo Usage:

500 energy/second

Weapon Stats
DPS against Shields:


DPS against Hull:


DPS against Structure:




Added in Update:


The Point Defense was introduced in Cosmoteer 0.12.0. It is a part that automatically targets incoming projectiles. While it can shoot down railguns its very ineffective at it requiring over a dozen.


PD can be switched between 3 modes offensive, defensive and both. On both they will prioritize projectiles but if theirs none in the area they will target the enemy ship. On offensive and both they cannot be specifically targeted and will shoot randomly at the enemy.

PD are a very power hungry component needing constant reloads of power. Every reactor size and storage can handle a 2 corridor gap (equal to 1 part tile) just medium+large can do it with 1 instead of 2 crew. With a 1 corridor or adjacent they will all use one crew. They are only able to fire for 4 seconds before needing to be reloaded. If crew are not in the immediate area this could cause them to go offline. Due to this small size you can easily underestimate their large resources consumption. To the right is a same battery using all the crew and reactor to its fullest.
PD example.png

You can compensate for poor reload by just having a lot more of them. You will often need quite a few to stop missiles so it may be too expensive. Having a lot running at part efficiency can be good enough to stop missiles while not costing a ton on dedicated reactors. Its also possible the enemy has no projectiles making PD deadweight.

Offensively they deal 500DPS just under a small laser with a good range and speed. One additional advantage of having them on both is the crew will always be reloading it making you better prepared for projectiles. Overall a costly and inefficient weapon due to their lack of focus fire. But not a bad option if resources have been invested for constant fire.


Shown to the side is the maximum protection of a PD battery and a sample battery. It has a 60 degree arc to each side which is approximately 7:4 so the 3 2x1 and 1 wedge can be repeated forever.


Update History

Update 0.15.13
  • Decreased Point Defense range from 200 to 150.
Update 0.15.12
  • Increased Point Defense rate of fire from 10/sec to 15/sec.
  • Reduced Point Defense power capacity from 2 batteries to 1.
  • Increased Point Defense power usage per shot from 0.035 to 0.05.
Update 0.14.8
  • Increased Point Defense damage vs projectiles from 100 to 150.
Update 0.14.8
  • Reduced damage vs ships from 100/shot to 50/shot.(Damage vs projectiles is unchanged.)
  • Halved power usage from 0.1/shot to 0.05/shot.
Update 0.14.7
  • Removed the 5-shot salvo. Point Defenses now fire continuously.
  • Buffed rate of fire from 1.666/second to 10/second.
  • Buffed range from 75 to 200.
  • Nerfed damage from 200 to 100.
  • Nerfed random spread from 0.1 degrees to 1.0 degrees.
Update 0.14.5
  • The firing arc was reduced from 135 to 120 degrees.