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Shield Generator
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The Shield Generator is a part in the game that creates a destructible forcefield in the shape of an arc. The shield arc will defend your ship against enemy weapons in a 90-degree arc. It's a power-hungry part as it uses power to absorb damage. The more power it gets the more protection it can provide.



The part uses power to absorb damage. Every point of damage will reduce energy by 0.5 plasma batteries. So a plasma battery (1000 power) will protect against 2000 points of damage (5 small laser shots). Upon being depleted it will be restored when batteries are replaced.

The weapon is particularly vulnerable to electrobolts which will directly drain 900 power when it hits the shield and thus would deal effectively 1800 damage.

As of Cosmoteer 0.14.2 the shield has a PenetrationResistance = [25, 0]. It's calculated as follows:

where :


The shield generator stores 6000 power (6 batteries) and consumes 100 power per second. It will consume a maximum of 6 crew when recharging. When depleted it will consume as much power as possible. Its advised to keep a large storage or reactor nearby to recharge faster.


Despite being an exterior and defensive part it's actually very vulnerable. It has low HP and no resistance to penetrating weapons (cannons). For this reason, it should be protected through other means. In the example to the right, you will see a layer of armour which is in front of the shield. You can put other components inside this region which will be protected by the shield and protect the shield.
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Another way to help protect shields is to make it more effective. Put power closer, and crew closer. Faster crew response tile will reduce down periods. Additionally, the player can have shields protecting shields, so when the frontal shield fails, the shield behind can protect the frontal shield until it has power again.