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Player's Design Suggestions

Main article: TheCadence's Design Suggestions

Specification and Roles

First thing to do is to decide what is the design for. What must it be able to do? What are optional abilities?

Tactics and Strategies

Main article: AI Tactics and Strategies
Main article: Human Player Tactics and Strategies

Runners, Kites



Ship Configuration

Decide on the ship's design configuration:

Broadside Configuration

Also known as Line of battle ships.

Barrage Configuration

Also known as Bomb vessel ships.

Diagonal Configuration

Game building specific due to use of limitation of square tiles, giving rise to this extra configuration.

Square Configuation

The most costly and all-round design.

Pincer Configuration

An offensive design using extended section to pin down and using barrages on the enemy.

Anvil Configuration

A defensive design using a section, usually front, for maximum protection against enemy fire.


The size requires changes as construction progresses. However, for an efficient build the following should be considered: Theory on Surface, Theory on Surface line, Theory on Area, and Theory on Volume.


Based on the role of the ship a set of weapons has to be determined. Theory on DPS, Theory on Alpha Strike, Theory on specific weapons

Support System

Based on the weapons determine the support systems required. Read on Theory on Full-power, Theory on Efficiency, and Theory on Supply line.


Appropriate defense has to be made to protect the internals. Read on Theory on Shields, Theory on Armor.

Flight System

Based on the ship's role and mass decide on the appropriate amount of thrusters. At just ship size and configuration as needed. A ship's design and placement of thrusters influences a ship's handling and the AI's flight logic. Read on Theory on Speed, Theory on Thrust-control, Theory on Maneuverability.

General tips

The absolute most important thing about ship design is logistics. A ship with a good logistical design is cheaper, more effective, and more protected. The next important aspect is damage control. How is your ship going to take damage and how do you minimize it. A ship with bad damage control can be destroyed in only 8 standard cannon shots no matter how thick its armor is.