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Small Laser Blaster
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Part information
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weapon, weapon_using_power


2.5 tonnes







Crew movement speed:
Crew Requirements:


Ammo Usage:

266.67 energy/second

Weapon Stats
DPS against Shields:


DPS against Hull:


DPS against Structure:




Added in Update:


The small laser is the cheapest and most generic weapon in the game. It has the best DPS per volume, and does not require much to operate. It it has no particular strengths or weaknesses.



Sporting 400 damage to shield and hull and 200 to structure, this laser has average damage. However, its redeeming quality is its rate of fire; firing 1.33 shots a second, it deals 533 damage per second versus shields and hull, and 266 versus armour. Its range is average, at only 260. The turret turn speed is phenomenal; coupled with its very high projectile speed, this weapon is able to hit most targets. However, it has no special effects on hit; it is the only weapon to have none.

Laser example.png


The small laser requires 2 crew (1 to operate the weapon and at least one crew to reliably power the weapon) and 266.67 energy per second. 1 reactor (1516) is able to support 5.68 lasers. It has lower crew requirements so storage does not need to be directly adjacent.

This allows for extremely efficient setups; a single reactor with 2 crew quarters can support 6 lasers and happens to be the width of 6 lasers, as shown. The 6 lasers have a very minor deficit of 84 and can work for 4 minutes. An alternative is to have 2 lasers directly in front of a power storage which can operate for 35 seconds.


The laser is a durable weapon. It has high health and can thus be safely powered directly from an adjacent generator.

The weapon has a very high arc at 100 degrees in each direction, for a total of 200 degrees. Pictured is the maximum protection without significantly sacrificing arc for the other lasers. This allows the small laser to fire fully sideways and partially backwards. When placed adjacently the arc is restricted to 45 degrees.



Both reactors and power storages are viable means to supply lasers with energy. Due to their low power consumption, it is less critical that a reactor be nearby, making the use of power storages more viable than it is with most other weapons.

2 small lasers can be sustained by 2 storages for 63.75 seconds.


Small lasers are the smallest weapon in the game. They are cheap and don't require additional expensive infrastructure to function as every ship requires a reactor. This makes them a excellent option for smaller ships.

Their high arc allows the broadside guns to fire forward or backwards if not obstructed. This makes them very good when mounted sideways relative to the front of the ship, as it allows them to shoot both forward and backward.


Update History

Update 0.15.12
  • Increased shot speed by 2x to 240.
  • Halved shot HP to 125.
Update 0.15.7
  • Increased range from 175 to 260.
  • Increased projectile speed from 80 to 120.
  • Decreased projectile HP from 400 to 250.
Update 0.14.7
  • Range increased from 150 to 175.
Update 0.13.6
  • Range increased from 100 to 150.
Update 0.14.2
  • The Laser Blaster was renamed to the Small Laser Blaster, with the addition of the Heavy Laser Blaster.
Update 0.5.0
  • Sound effects were added to the Laser Blaster. New sounds for it included firing sounds and sounds when the Laser Blaster's bolt impacted.
Update 0.4.0