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Star Wars: A Cosmos Divided was a mod made by ClassicJam with help from many of the modders in the community at the time.

SW:ACD is a mod that will add many Star Wars aspects to your Cosmoteer game. It is now to the public! The features will include:

A wide array of Star Wars ships added to your game for many factions including: The Empire, Galactic Republic, Rebellion, and CIS. Some of these ships will have a chance of spawning in Bounty Hunter mode.

New parts added to the mod including: Steering Thrusters, Small Turbolaser Turret, Large Turbolaser Turret, Astromech Unit Sensor, 1x2 Cockpits for starfighters, Small reactor cores, X-Wing Lasers, and more!

New Decals for many Star Wars factions and more, including: Rebellion Decal, CIS Decal (Large and small Variants), Empire Decal, and Republic Decal (Large and small Variants), and more!

Some Small Tips And Facts About The Star Wars,A Cosmos Divided

Turbo Lasers :

Some Of You May Know About The Different Turbo Laser Types And Differences,

1. The Imperial Turbo Laser, Mostly Used By The Empire In The Galactic Civil War, The Imperial Turbo Laser is Made From a High Quality Of Tibanna Gas, And Its Used By The Empire For Its Destructive Power During Star Ship Combat, Thus In-Game This Turbo Laser Does More Damage Against Armor Than Most Other Star ship Components

2. The Republic Turbo Laser/Blue Turbo Laser,This Turbo Laser Was Most Famously Used By The Galactic Republic During The Clone Wars, The Republic Turbo Laser Was Manufactured With Ion-Plasma Properties, Thus Being Used By The Republic Army During The Clone Wars, While In-Game This Turbo Laser Deals More Damage To Shields Due To Its Ion Properties.

3. The Separatist / Red Turbo laser, A Common Sight Within The Star Wars Galaxy, A Red Blaster Bolt Was Used By The Confederacy Of Independent Systems, The Galactic Empire, And The Rebel Alliance, This Turbo Laser Was Made From a Low Quality Of Tibanna Gas, Thus Making It Much Cheaper To Produce In The Star Wars Galaxy, In-Game This Turbo Laser Has No Special Abilities Due To Being a Low-Cost And Low-Efficiency Laser.

4. The XX-9 Turbo Laser Tower, These Turbo Laser Towers Are Often See On Planets As Stationary Defense Towers, And On The Death Star, These Turbo Laser Towers Also Use High Quality (Green) Tibanna Gas, Much Like Its Brother (The Imperial Turbo Laser) This Turbo Laser Tower Does High Damage To Ship Components, Yet Moderate Damage To Shields.

Droids :

1. The Probe Droid, A Rare Sight Within The Star Wars Galaxy, These "Probe Droids" Were Used As Recon Droids By The Confederacy Of Independent Systems, After The Clone Wars These Droid Were Reused As The Empires Main Recon Class Of Droid, These Droids Have Seen Many Different Models Such As "The DRK-1 Dark Eye", Being First Seen In "The Phantom Menace" These Droids Along With Their Counterpart, The "Viper Probe Droid" Were Able To Be Outfitted With Shields And Blasters, In-Game This Probe Droid Is Able To Be Placed As a Single Ship And Is Able To Self Sustain Without Any Major Power Source (Such As The Star-Fighter Reactor And The Reactor) And Is Able To Give You a Wide Range Of The Battlefield And Scout Out Your Next Target.

2. The Astromech Droid, This Small Little Droid Is Commonly Seen In The Star Wars Universe, These Droids Were a Type Of Repair Droid (As Seen In The Phantom Menace) The Astromech Droids Were Able To Intelligently Use And Maneuver Star-Fighters, Boost Ship Systems, And Even Calculate Hyperspace Jumps, In-Game This Little Droid Is Able To Boost Your Sensor Range To About +20% Making You Able To Spot Ships Much Farther Away.

Weapons & Misc Weapons: ( More Will Be Added To The Wiki Soon. )

1. The Proton Torpedo Launcher, Mostly Used By Every Faction Within The Star Wars Universe, Proton Torpedoes Were a Type Of Explosive Ordnance, When The Proton Torpedo Hits Its Target, The Warhead Would Release Clouds Of High-Velocity Proton Particles, Which Had Devastating Effects On Its Target And Had a Very Effective Armor Piercing Ability, In-Game The Proton Torpedoes Are Able To Slice Through Enemy Defenses And Ship-Armor And Hit Vital Reactors, Without The Reactors Being Exposed.

The Red, Blue And Green Small Lasers, These Small Lasers Offer Moderate Damage To Enemy Ships, These Lasers Have The Same Abilities As The Corresponding Turbo Laser Variants, The Small Lasers Do Moderate Damage To Ships And Shields For Low Cost.

Armor And Defensive Protection :

1. Doonium Armor, This Lightweight Armor Is Mostly Used In Star Fighter Construction And Small Freighter Construction For Fast-Paced Attacks And Fast Moving Ships, Doonium Armor Is 3x Lighter Than Durasteel Armor ( See Durasteel Below ) Since Doonium Armor Is 3x Lighter Than Durasteel Ship Armor, In-Game Your Ship Will Be Almost 2x Faster Due To Less Weight.

2. Durasteel Armor, This Heavy Armor Plating Is Used In Big And Large Scale Warships, Such As The "Venator Class Star Destroyer" And The "Imperial I Class Star Destroyer" And The "Imperial II Class Star Destroyer", This Thick Armor Is Able To Take a Beating And Stand Almost Undamaged By Most Blaster And Projectile Weapons, Durasteel Is Heavy Armor Plating That Is 2x The Standard Weight And 3x More Tougher Than Doonium Armor ( See Doonium Armor Above ) Since This Thick And Tough Armor Is Very Expensive And Very Heavy, It Makes Your Ship 2x Slower Due To The Weighting Of The Armor Plating

3.Shield Generators, A Small Interior Shield Generator Is An Inexpensive Shield Generator That Creates a 6x6 Bubble Shield That Soaks Up Incoming Enemy Fire, Protecting Vital Ship Systems ( Recommend To Be Used On Smaller Ships For Convenience And Better Usage Of The Protective Barrier )

The Medium Interior Shield Generator, or The "Interior Shield Generator" Creates a 9x10 Bubble Shield Around Itself, Protecting Your Ships From Small / Medium Weapon Attacks ( Recommend To Be Used On Small Frigates And Cruisers For Maximum Effect )
The Heavy Interior Shield Generator Emits a 30x30 Bubble Shield That is meant to protect against Large Weapons Fires Such As Turbo Lasers And Missiles ( Recommended Use On Large Capital Ships, Destroyers And Carrier Ships )

(Please Remember That This Wiki Is Under-Development And All Facts / Tips Here Are Subject To Change With Upcoming Updates, I.e. If The Turbo Lasers Loose Abilities The Facts Listed Shall Be Edited / Removed To Keep The Wiki Clean And Fresh With The Latest Updates.)