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Standard cannons

Main article: Standard Cannon

These are the cheapest source of DPS in the game. They penetrate and fires so can do significant damage against internals. They are however inaccurate with lower speed, low arc, and spread. This makes them less ideal for fighting smaller ships or sniping reactors on medium sized. Due to their lower hallway usage, less crew, and low depth they can be armored/shielded the best of any weapon. This makes them a very strong weapon for any sized ship.

Big cannons

Main article: Large Cannon

Big cannons have over twice the penetration of standard cannons. They are capable of penetrating everything except full armor blocks entering the internals of the ships. Large cannons are much more destructive with their penetration. A penetration will destroy any corridor in its way as well as on average start at least one fire. This can cripple or even destroy a enemy ship before you even get through their initial layer.

However their shots are slower and their spread farther then standard cannons. This makes them much worse against small ships or hitting exposed areas.

Big cannons have a sizable explosion them self. Put spaces with armor between large cannons and reduce important on tiles near them. They are capable of destroying hallways (completely no structure) upon death so nothing important should be near them.


To defend against cannons you need to prevent penetration. Most external except shields, ion beams, and engines will prevent standard cannons. Plan on cannon shots entering your ship and minimize their effects. Spread out reactors to prevent chain reactions. Encase reactors in armor to protect them further and encase of their death protect everything else. Spread out fire extinguishers and minimize door usage to help control fires.

Hallways are particularly vulnerable to penetration only having half resistance and large being able to one shot them. This can significantly slow down crew movement if you depend on central hallways. Cannon penetration won't destroy the structure that remains but movement will be only at 30% speed. This can be minimized by not depending as much on a central hallway, central hallways being horizontal not vertical, and vertical hallways have armor at their ends to prevent large entry. If your central hallway leads directly to a laser a big cannon shot can enter and destroy 4 corridors. This will cripple your ship turning a 4 corridor distance into effectively 13

Decentralized important aspects of your ship. Having 2 reactors next to each other can be taken out by only destroying a single one. If they are separate it will require twice as much armor to be broken and twice as much damage dealt to them. Large cannons are capable of destroying production internals like ammo factories before the externals are destroyed.

Cannons are however vulnerable with standard having lower HP per width and large having very powerful explosions. They are also heavily decentralized as without power a ammo factory can still spit out 50 more rounds. This makes broken off cannons still very dangerous.So concentrate fire on taking out the weapons not the reactors/control rooms.

Energy Weapons

Small Laser

Main article: Small Laser

A small and cheap source of dps. Great for small ships

Ion Beam

Main article: Ion Beam


Ion beams are probably one of the most position dependent weapons.

Ion beams placed in the central area of your ship will tear a hole directly in the middle of the enemy ship. When placed farther from your center the beams will have less focus fire.

For logistics they should be placed close to a reactor with 2 doors heading towards it. Its very power hungry so should be placed near reactors.

The ion beams them self are a weak point. They are a target for the enemy and they have no protection from cannon shots. They can be inserted deeper into your hull and left a exit way. This will provide excellent protection and can cause the enemy to target a heavily shielded section of your ship.

Defense Against

Ion beams are very good at dealing damage to a few specific tiles. This allows them to quickly penetrate deeper into your ship then other weapons. You can reduce this effect with damage controls and strengthening your middle. But most importantly is damage control.

- Surround reactors with armor. When the ion beams break through your primary defenses reactor armor will serve as a secondary defense. Completely surrounding will also protect the nearby parts from the reactor explosion and further help to contain the beam.

- Ion beams tend to target the central area of your ship. Place additional armor, or shields in this region. If you have vulnerable components in this area place additional armor to protect them.

- Decentralize important aspects of your ship. One of ion beams biggest weakness is their lack of arc. It will inflict massive damage to only a small area. If you have all your reactors, all your factories, and all your commands in the center of your ship you will be crippled quickly. But if its in 2 different areas a ion beam will do significantly worse.


Main article: Electrobolt


Missile Launcher

Main article: Missile Launcher

Defense against

Missiles are vulnerable to many forms of defense. Armor, shields, PD, and even structure are all effective ways to counter them. However when missiles hit they are devastating.

To counter them fully encase your ship in armor and have shield layers away from your hull. Weakpoints in your explosive defense like thrusters should have non critical components in the blast area.

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