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This is a list of "unknown" changes that did not appear in the official history listing for one reason or other. The list may be processed to complement the Updates found on the wiki's History article.


  • (0.14.2) beam interval less than 0.05 causes crash
  • (0.14.1) along with swapping part destroyed-self-replacement would cause NameKey already exist crash; was no problem before
  • (0.14.0) audio reference name change
  • (0.14.0) impulse no longer is valid in OnDeath when nothing is hit.
  • (0.9.13 - 0.12.12) armor penetration decreased from 100 to 5
  • (0.10 - 0.12.10) Effects rendering changes to shape, old beam spark code causes crash
  • (0.10 - 0.12) -Effects changes to -MediaEffects
  • (0.9.13 - 0.11) vanilla path changes
  • (not recorded) Destroyed effect -Dry replaced



  • (0.14.2) ToggleTrigger can now be given an OperationalToggle which if false will prevent the trigger from firing.