Update 0.11

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  • Fog of War

Ships now have limited sight range. The edge of your ships' sight range is now shown on the minimap and when zooming sufficiently far out.

Areas that are too far away to see are in the "Fog of War" and are darker.

A pulsing red dot indicates the location of enemy contacts, but no other information about them is available.

Enemy ships will attack you once you come within their sight range, which is usually once your own ships can see them.

The off-screen ship indicators around the edges of the screen are now only shown for ships that are within your sight.

Any targeted parts on enemy ships will become untargeted if they go out of sight.

When buying a new ship in Bounty Hunter mode, you must now place the new ship with s*ght of your existing ships.

  • Sensor Arrays

The Sensor Array is a new part you can add to your ship that greatly increases its sight range.

The sensor array is 3x3, costs 20,000 credits, and takes 4 crew and a fair amount of power to operate.


  • When zooming far out, small ships will now be shown shown as a colored dot to make their postion more apparent.
  • The starting sector now has only tier-0 bounty ships to make it easier for new players. The additional "Amateur" sectors are unchanged.
  • Improved graphics for the viewing rectangle on the minimap.
  • The minimap will now automatically adjust to fit the viewing rectangle.
  • When the miniview is set to "Auto" in combat, it will now default to showing the player's ship, even if both ships are in view.
  • The movement lines for move and attack commands don't shrink as much when zooming out.
  • The most common "Starry" background is now a bit bluer to help make the Fog of War contrast better.
  • The New Ship, Ship Library, and '...' buttons in Creative Mode are now hidden when opening the galaxy map.
  • *The Shield Generator and Armor pieces are now in a separate "Defenses" tab.
  • *"Full Screen" is now called "Exclusive Full Screen" and "Borderless Window" is now called "Borderless Full Screen". The default is now Borderless Full Screen, and players upgrading from a previous version of the game will find that the game has reverted to Borderless Full Screen.
  • The ship library can now be filtered by ship name.
  • Can now drag-and-drop ships from your filesystem or a web browser directly into the ship library to copy them there.
  • Some of the larger bounty ships now have Sensor Arrays.
  • The Sumo ship will no longer spawn as a Tier-1 bounty (it's now always Tier-0).
  • Added a tutorial that explains the minimap.
  • Updated the "Attacking the Enemy" tutorial to help explain the new sight-range mechanic.
  • Moved the "Controlling Time" tutorial earlier in the tutorial sequence.
  • The operating sound effects for the Ion Beam no longer combine their volumes, which should reduce unintentional audio clicks.
  • The animations for Ion Beams are now synchronized.


  • Bugfix: Crash in the Buy Ship dialog when switching folders while a ship is selected.
  • Bugfix: Using the hand tool to pick up a corridor, armor, or structure piece could cause the ship to become disconnected and break into multiple pieces.
  • Bugfix: Memory leak related to the miniview.
  • Bugfix: The color picker in the ship paint user interface would let the player pick illegal colors for the base paint and decal layers.
  • Bugfix: Health bars when hovering the cursor over parts in the miniview were being drawn at the wrong scale.
  • Bugfix: Target lines in the miniview were being drawn at the wrong scale.
  • Bugfix: Crew would supply power to Big Thrusters before it was necessary.
  • Bugfix: The "Attacking the Enemy" tutorial was displayed too early.
  • Bugfix: Using the mouse wheel to scroll the credits was very slow.
  • Bugfix: Scrollbars would be displayed in some single-line text entry boxes when the text overflowed the typing area.