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Cosmoteer 0.12.0 (Jun. 21, 2017)


   WARNING: This release may be incompatible with some existing saved games from earlier versions of Cosmoteer. Specifically, most games that were saved during combat will not load.


  • New Mechanic: Fire!
    • Some parts, such as reactors and those storing munitions, will cause fires when they are destroyed.
    • Cannon shots will also cause fires when they are able to penetrate inside enemy ships.
    • Fires will spread over time through open areas and through doors. Fires will not spread through walls or onto external parts of the ship.
    • Fires cause damage over time and have a chance of killing crew who walk through.
    • Crew can walk through areas that are on fire, but do so much more slowly than normal.
    • Crew will abandon any part that is on fire, except for the Control Room.
  • New Part: Fire Extinguisher, a 1x1 room that stores a portable fire extinguisher.
    • When a fire breaks out on the ship, a crewmember will go pick up a fire extinguisher and use it to put out the fire.
    • Each portable fire extinguisher has a limited capacity and will need to be replaced after putting out several fires
  • New Part: Electro-Bolt, a weapon that fires bolts of electricty.
    • Inflicts little damage, but drains energy from any power-based system it hits.
    • Especially effective versus shields.
  • New Part: Missile Launcher, a weapon that fires long-range homing missiles.
    • Missiles are long-range, homing, and cause significant area-of-effect damage.
    • Missiles can be fired even when there is no line-of-sight to the target.
    • Missiles will try to avoid and navigate around friendly obstacles.
    • Each Missile Launcher has three missile tubes that are loaded and fired individually.
    • Each individual missile is put together from four "missile parts".
  • New Part: Missile Factory, which manufactures missile parts.
  • New Part: Missile Storage, which stores a limited cache of missile parts.
  • New Part: Cannon Ammo Storage, which stores a limited cache of cannon ammunition.
  • New Part: Point Defense System, a small automated defensive turret that shoots down incoming missiles.
  • New Part: Conveyor Belt, a moving walkway that increases crew speed.
    • Crew move 50% faster when walking in the direction of the conveyor belt's motion, but move at only 1/4 speed when walking over it in any other direction.
  • New Parts: Two 1x2 armor wedges that are mirrors of each other.
  • New Parts: Two 1x2 structure wedges that are mirrors of each other.
  • New Part: A tiny armor quarter-sized "triangle" piece.
  • New Design Feature: Mirror Mode
    1. When turned on, any modifications made to the ship's design will be mirrored to the other side of its vertical centerline.
    2. Mirror Mode works for both "Build" and "Paint".
  • New built-in ship: Skywing


  • Updated most built-in ships to utilize the new ship parts.
  • Halved the rate at which the Cannon Ammo Factory produces ammunition.
  • Every layer of armor now blocks 75% of area-of-effect damage from weapons and exploding parts.
  • Crew manning weapons are now less likely to abandon their posts to pick up more ammo or power.
  • When ships have equal firepower both in front and behind, they will now default to attacking from their front instead of from behind.
  • Weapons will now stop shooting at enemy ships in Bounty Hunter once the enemy has been defeated.
  • Ion Beams can no longer be given targets. (Doing so didn't really do anything anyway.)
  • The "picture-in-picture" view no longer replaces the minimap. It is now displayed in the top-right corner underneath the credits and fuel displays. The picture-in-picture is now customized within the Interface tab in the game settings. The minimap can no longer be resized, but the picture-in-picture still can be.
  • When set to "Auto", the picture-in-picture will now be displayed when the main view is zoomed sufficiently far out, even if the displayed ship is still on-screen.
  • When a part can't be added to the ship, the reason why is now displayed underneath the mouse cursor.
  • Ship part category tabs now have icons instead of textual names. (The name can still be seen in the tooltip.)
  • Munitions-related parts (Ammo Factory, Ammo Storage, Missile Factory, Missile Storage) are now contained in a new "Munitions" tab.
  • Blueprints mode is now toggled on and off using a button to the left of the Grab tool.
  • Added an option (blueprint mode only) to recenter the ship's blueprints on the construction grid.
  • New icon for the select/copy/paste tool.
  • Buttons that can be toggled on and off now have a small green/red "switch" to indicate their state.
  • Part names and costs in the built toolbox have been reduced in size, but now also have a drop-shadow to make them easier to read.
  • Updated tooltips and "icon names" for some ship parts to be more descriptive.
  • It is now possible to adjust the game speed while paused. (The new speed will take effect once the game is unpaused.)
  • Alt-clicking or middle-clicking on a ship will now focus on the specific part that was clicked on if the center of the screen is already inside the ship's circle.
  • The view will no longer stay focused on ships that are no longer within player's sight range.
  • Added an "Enforce Crew Access" setting that, when turned on (the default), will prevent the player from adding parts in locations that can't be connected to the rest of the ship using doors. This setting has no effect if "Automatically Add Doors" is disabled or when editing a ship's blueprints.
  • The High D.P.I. Mode setting is no longer available and will be automatically turned off if the window size or screen resolution is below 1920x1080.
  • The "Blueprints" tutorial is now the "Advanced Ship Design" tutorial and has been updated to describe the select/copy/paste tool and mirror mode, in addition to blueprint mode.
  • Added a "Fires" tutorial to explain the new fire mechanics.
  • The "Load Ship Design" and "Load Shape From PNG" options are now shown even when blueprints mode is off. Using those options will automatically enable blueprints mode.
  • The user's "Saved Games" folder will now be automatically created if for some reason it doesn't exist.
  • Log file names now use 24-hour time.
  • The installer program will now automatically detect whether .NET Framework installation requires the computer to be rebooted and, if so, prompts the user to reboot the computer.


  • Bugfix: In some circumstances when a ship splits into 3 or more separate pieces, some pieces may have invalid "destroyed parts" that make them impossible to repair.
  • Bugfix: Saving a game didn't record how much ammo/power crew were carrying, causing them to lose any carried ammo/power when loading the saved game.
  • Bugfix: It was impossible to make an FTL jump with when the player didn't have enough FTL fuel to jump their entire fleet, even if they did have enough fuel to jump some of their ships.
  • Bugfix: Sound effect speed/pitch was not being varied as intended.
  • Bugfix: Dragging a ship in the Ship Library from one folder to another would sometimes not refresh the list of ships in the old folder.
  • Bugfix: Press ctrl-F to focus on the targeted ship no longer plays the focus beep sound constantly while ctrl-F is held.
  • Bugfix: A scrollbar in the list of ship parts would be shown sometimes when not needed due to unused space to the right of the parts.
  • Bugfix: Renaming a ship would sometimes not update the name displayed in the lower-left box when multiple ships are selected.
  • Bugfix: If multiple parts were selected with different on/off or fire/hold-fire settings, multiple on/off fire/hold-fire buttons would be displayed.
  • Bugfix: It wasn't possible to deselect a part in the build list when the player couldm't afford that part.
  • Bugfix: Crash when there is an error loading a mod.

Mod related

  • Modding: Bullets are now component-based using a similar system to parts.
  • Modding: Better error message when a ] bracket is left off the end of a .txt [] section.
  • Modding: Different weapons can now use the same type of bullet.
  • Modding: Layer UniqueBucket values have been multiplied by 100 to make adding new layers easier.
  • Modding: Can now specify MirrorU=true and/or MirrorV=true to flip sprites.
  • Modding: It is now possible to remove and replace values that refer to files.
  • Modding: Added a UsePartWhenFlipped setting to parts that, if specified, will cause the part to be replaced with another part when flipped.
  • Translating: The "Buy" button for fuel will now automatically resize to fit its text.