Update 0.13.7

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  • Added a new "Free For All" multiplayer game mode in which all players fight all other players.
  • Added a "Shrinking Ring of Death" (Battle Royale) option to both Free For All and Team vs Team multiplayer games that causes the Ring of Death to shrink over the course of the battle. This option requires the "Ring of Death" option to be enabled and for a time limit to be set.


  • The Ring of Death now applies damage faster or more smoothly over time.
  • The Ring of Death now appears as a simple glowing red circle.
  • Each player's ships are now spawned in a predetermined formation depending on the number and sizes of ships.
  • Each player's ships will automatically be assigned to control groups F1 through F5.
  • Clicking on a multiplayer game in the lobby now shows more information about what settings the host has selected.
  • When a multiplayer battle ends, the name of the winning player or team is now displayed.
  • The list of multiplayer games now shows an icon indicating which game mode the host has selected.
  • When connected to a server, a latency meter will now be displayed in the top-right corner of the lobby screen.