Update 0.14.3

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  • Significantly reduced the distance at which collision avoidance kicks in.
  • Collision avoidance will no longer override the rotation of an attack command.
  • When in debt, it is now possible to apply blueprint changes if the total cost is exactly 0.


  • Bugfix: Rare crash during combat.
  • Bugfix: Very rare crash when making an FTL jump and auto-saving is enabled.
  • Bugfix: Crash when attacking an enemy ship with the attack advanced command selected as the enemy ship is destroyed or removed from the game.
  • Bugfix: Possible crash when a Last Player Standing game desyncs.
  • Bugfix: Crash if for some reason there is a problem deleting old "Lost Ships" files.
  • Bugfix: The game would crash on startup with some old settings.txt files.
  • Bugfix: Saving a game while a bullet is in flight that was targeting a part that no longer exists would cause the game to hang when attempting to load that saved game.
  • Bugfix: Fixed 'Unable to find source for non-optional property "Target"' error when trying to load a saved game from before 0.14.2 that has bullets in-flight.
  • Bugfix: Large memory leak after playing every multiplayer battle.
  • Bugfix: Multiplayer desyncs caused by the game ending.
  • Bugfix: Desyncs caused by targeting enemy ships or specific enemy parts just before they are destroyed.
  • Bugfix: Some ships with diagonal flight directions wouldn't fire their thrusters at maximum force.
  • Bugfix: Ships would sometimes not start turning to face the specified rotation until much later than intended.
  • Bugfix: In some cases, parts that continuously drain power (such as shields and factories) would almost run out of power and then stop draining without shutting down.
  • Bugfix: Pressing a hotkey to select a part wouldn't work if that part's category tab was selected. It now works if any tab is selected.


  • Modding: AmmoConverter can now be given a MinFromQuantityForConversion which can be used to make it convert even if there is less than FromQuantity ammo.
  • Modding: AmmoConverter can now be given a MinToQuantityForConversion which can be used to prevent it from converting even if there is some amount of capacity remaining in the destination storage.
  • Modding Bugfix: Crash when opening the settings dialog if a strings folder contains a .txt file with fewer than 2 lines of text.