Update 0.14.4

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  • New Multiplayer Mode: Arena
  • Added a new multiplayer game mode called "Arena".
  • Players earn points by damaging and destroying enemy ships.
  • You will lose points if you damage yourself or teammates.
  • After being destroyed, your fleet will respawn.
  • While waiting to respawn, you can optionally to change ships.
  • You can choose to respawn before your ships are destroyed, but doing so will incur a point penalty.
  • If you wait too long to respawn, you will start losing points.


  • The existing Team vs Team and Last Player Standing multiplayer modes have been combined into a single mode called "Elimination".
  • Both Elimination and Arena modes now have options for 2 teams, 3 teams, 4 teams, and free-for-all.
  • Both multiplayer game modes come with a handful of built-in "rulesets" which are pre-defined configurations of game options. (Elimination mode has built-in rulesets that recreate the old Team vs Team and Last Player Standing modes.) Players can also save their own rulesets. When using a standard built-in ruleset, the ruleset will be displayed next to the mode icon in the multiplayer lobby.
  • All multiplayer game options besides game mode, ruleset, and number of players are now hidden under an "Advanced Game Rules" foldout.
  • Added a scoreboard to multiplayer battles. It is shown while waiting to respawn and after the battle ends. It can also be seen at any time during a battle by holding the spacebar. The scoreboard for the previous battle can be seen by clicking the "Match Results" button in the top-right of the pre-game setup screen.
  • Ships in multiplayer now "FTL jump" in when spawned. (No FTL Drive is required.)
  • If a player disconnects from a multiplayer game, this will now be treated as a forfeit.
  • Thrusters can now be told to auto-fire. Turning on auto-fire will cancel any move/follow/attack commands, and issuing a move/follow/attack command will cancel the auto-fire.
  • Penetrating weapons now apply their impact force as they penetrate instead of applying their full force upon initial impact.
  • Canceling a formation that is attacking an enemy will now cause all ships in the formation to attack that enemy, not just the lead ship.
  • When playing Bounty Hunter, the game will now attempt to not spawn multiple of the same type of enemy in the same sector.
  • Improved physics performance in some situations when ships are in close contact with each other.
  • Enemy ships that appear within sight range of your own ships but aren't directly visible on the screen are now alerted to with a visual and audio "ping". This feature can be turned off in the gameplay settings.
  • The Ship Library will now display ships with names and cost/crew amounts before the preview thumbnail is loaded. This greatly reduces the wait time for selecting a ship in a folder with many ships if you know the name of the ship you want to select.
  • The Color-Blind settings now have pre-defined presets for different types of color blindness. (You can still freely change the colors to anything you want.)
  • A.I. players in multiplayer games are now given numbered names.
  • Friendly ships on the minimap now have an arrow to indicate what direction they are facing.
  • Hiding the user interface with Ctrl+Shift+U now also hides all ship status icons.
  • The FTL jump effect is now angled according to the ship's flight direction.
  • When you are unable to join a multiplayer game because your game versions are incompatible, the error message will now include your game version and the host's game version.
  • In Creative Mode, ships can now be self-destructed even if they don't have an operational control room.
  • Fixed an extraordinarily minor paint issue on the Cosmoteer logo ship.


  • Bugfix: "Crew had unexpectedly low NextUpdateTime" crash after a multiplayer game desyncs.
  • Bugfix: Crash when hovering over the ship icon displayed next to a player's name in the multiplayer lobby if the name of the game they were in contains certain characters such as '&'.
  • Bugfix: Crash when clicking on a multiplayer game with an unrecognized game mode.
  • Bugfix: Crash when clicking the FTL jump "ENGAGE" button on the same frame that auto-jump is engaged.
  • Bugfix: Errors & crashes when loading some older ship files.
  • Bugfix: Some ships would fail to compute optimal thruster activations and would get "stuck".
  • Bugfix: Railguns wouldn't damage friendly ships even when the friendly ship was being force-targeted and friendly-fire thus should have been disabled.
  • Bugfix: Point Defenses were able to shoot through very close objects when set to auto-fire.
  • Bugfix: In some cases penetration was being double-subtracted or not subtracted at all when shots hit large weapon turrets.
  • Bugfix: Penetrating shots were doing one more tile of penetration damage to the first hit part and penetrating one tile fewer than was intended.
  • Bugfix: Penetrating shots weren't losing enough penetration when hitting internal parts.
  • Bugfix: The Battle Helper would not put enough space between very large ships which could sometimes cause them to overlap.
  • Bugfix: Fast-traveling bullets would appear to travel farther than they actually did according to the game simulation after colliding with something.
  • Bugfix: The player menu in the multiplayer game setup screen would still say "Team 1" even for free-for-all games.
  • Bugfix: The "Total Ship Value" displayed in blueprint mode could be inaccurate by up to 25%.
  • Bugfix: When creating a new ship from scratch, the first part added wouldn't update the crew/power stat bars.
  • Bugfix: The Ammo Factory power usage was being incorrectly reported to the player on the minimum/ideal power bar.
  • Bugfix: Graphical glitch when dragging a selection box with near-zero width and a rotated view.


  • Modding: A PenetratingHit bullet component can now be given 'OperationalPenetrationFactor', 'StructuralPenetrationFactor', and 'ShieldPenetrationFactor' values to scale how much the bullet's penetration will be reduced when hitting a part or shield.
  • Modding: Added an "OnFireToggle" part component that will be toggled on if any of the part's tiles are on fire. It has optional 'MinFires' and 'MaxFires' values that can be used if you want it to toggle on only if a specific number of tiles are on fire.
  • Modding Bugfix: Crash/hang when a loop of AmmoStorageProxies is created.
  • Modding Bugfix: Crash when spawning a ship with full ammo/power if the act of giving an ammo storage component its ammo causes other components to be added/removed.