Update 0.15.0 Preview 2

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  • Added a mirror mode to the squads tab in the crew manager.
  • Individual roles can now be duplicated.
  • Individual crew roles can now be copy & pasted over existing roles or as new roles within the same ship or different ships.
  • Entire role sets can now be copy & pasted between ships.
  • A ship's role set can be saved as the player's default roles, which will be used when creating new ships. You can also load your default roles into an existing ship.
  • Roles can be loaded from a saved ship design.
  • A role's priorities can be either individually or all-together reverted to the built-in defaults.
  • Crew again wander randomly in their quarters when they have nothing better to do.


  • The highest-priority jobs will now always receive the highest-priority crew available. Modifying priorities can now cause crew to be immediately swapped with higher-priority crew.
  • When multiple jobs with the same priority are competing, distance will be used as a tiebreaker and the closer job will now usually receive that crew.
  • The crew assignment algorithm now tries to pick the closest crew based on their current actual position instead of the position of their quarters. (i.e., back to how it works pre-0.15.0)
  • Crew will no longer go to operate a part in anticipation of ammo or power being delivered to it; they will only go to operate it once it actually has the required ammo or power. If already operating a part, crew will still not leave it as long as the required ammo or power is on the way.
  • Increased default shield and PD supply priority from 5 to 6.


  • Preview Bugfix: Crash when issuing a ship command in multiplayer.
  • Preview Bugfix: Desyncs caused by a player deleting a role while another player is changing its color.
  • Preview Bugfix: Missile Launchers wouldn't properly spawn with their initial crew at their stations.