Update 0.9

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  • New Name: Changed the name from "StarWright" to "Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander".
  • The default installation folder has changed from 'Program Files\StarWright' to 'Program Files\Cosmoteer'. You may wish to uninstall StarWright first to remove the old files. (Your saved games and ships will not be deleted.)
  • Changed the location of saved games and ships from '[user]\AppData\Roaming\StarWright' to '[user]\AppData\Roaming\Cosmoteer'. The installer should automatically copy your saved games and ships from the old location to the new location.
  • Any shortcuts to the game will no longer work. (Or they will run the old version if you still have StarWright installed.)
  • Major Feature: Ships now have exterior graphics which can be customized by the player.
  • Press the Interior Toggle button to toggle between viewing the inside and outside of your ship.
  • Some ship sound effects now only play in interior view.
  • Press the Paint button to modify the appearance of your ship's exterior.
  • The player can choose a base paint color and pattern for their ship's exterior.
  • On top of the base layer of paint are two layers of decals, such as letters, numbers, symbols, icons, and basic tile pieces. Each layer can be given its own color, but all decals in a layer share that color.
  • Painting your ship is free.
  • If parts of your ship are destroyed and then repaired, your paint design will be remembered and restored.
  • The player can also choose a crew uniform color.
  • Saved ship designs include exterior paint customization, and thumbnails for ships saved as of this version show the painted exterior instead of the blueprints.
  • "Paint Schemes" can be saved and applied to any ship. These record the various paint colors and base pattern, but do not store decal layouts.
  • Loading a saved ship design from blueprints mode will replace the current blueprints but *not* the current paint design.
  • Loading a saved ship design from paint mode will replace the current paint design but *not* the current blueprints.
  • Painting uses a separate undo/redo memory from ship construction.
  • New main menu layout with a new, animated logo. (There are a couple secret easter eggs. Can you find them?)
  • Minor rebalancing to bounty values.
  • Added 8 additional ships that will spawn as enemies in Bounty Mode: Ion Frigate, Double Ion Frigate, Barbarossa, Fortitude, Marauder, Salem, Spitzer, and the Cosmoteer logo ship. (The old StarWright logo ship has been removed.)
  • All built-in ships have been updated with a variety of exterior paint designs.
  • Ships that come built-in with the game (the ones that spawn as bounties in Bounty Mode) can now be added in Creative Mode.
  • Increased the time it takes for a ship to explode (once its Reactor is destroyed) from 1.5 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • You can now assign A.I. behaviors to ships in Creative Mode. Select the ship, press the '...' button on its info panel, select A.I., and then click on the desired type of A.I. to assign to the ship. (Currently the only option is BountyBrain.)
  • Starting a new Creative Mode game will now default the player to controlling "All Players" instead of "Player 1".
  • Can now right-click on a saved ship or saved game to delete it.
  • Added '...' menus (next to the X buttons) on the saved ship and saved game dialog windows. These menus allow you to open a Windows File Explorer window showing the folder containing the saved ships or saved games.
  • Added an option to save your ship's design directly to the '...' menu on its info panel.
  • Updated the tutorials to include information on how to paint ship exteriors and switch between interior and exterior views.
  • Can no longer click the off-screen ship indicators while Build, Blueprints, Paint, or Repair modes are open.
  • The boring black stars background will no longer be used when starting a new game.
  • New application icon.


  • Bugfix: Weapons that were given explicit targets would often fire before they were in range.
  • Bugfix: Crash when adding a ship that has no blueprints to Creative Mode.
  • Bugfix: The power meter now correctly displays 8 power per reactor instead of 12.