Update 0.9.14

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Cosmoteer 0.9.14 (Dec. 4, 2016)



  • Added triangular Armor and Structure "Wedge" pieces.
  • Updated most of the built-in ships to use the new Armor Wedge pieces.
  • Added the "Omega" ship to Bounty Hunter mode.
  • Added a confirmation dialog after changing the display settings. If not confirmed within 15 seconds, the display settings will be automatically reverted.
  • Added an option to the Misc tab to turn on an F.P.S. display.
  • Added an option to limit the maximum framerate at which the game can run. This can save battery life on laptops and reduce fan noise.


  • Minor graphical update to the corners of ship exterior walls.
  • The algorithm that chooses what direction a ship should fly in will now choose to fly ships "diagonally" when that's the best option.
  • Attempting to delete a part in live edit mode that would split the ship will now flash the parts that would be separated and are preventing the part from being deleted.
  • Holding shift while adding a corridor, armor, or structure piece to an empty space while in blueprint mode will now fill the entire empty region, similar to the fill tool in many paint programs.
  • Improved camera focus behavior when opening build, paint, and repair modes. The view can now be panned around without losing tracking of a moving ship.
  • Updated the icon for the button that cancels part selection and returns to ship selection to look like a "back" button.
  • Right-clicking in empty space while parts are selected will now flash the "back" button and play an error sound.
  • The X close buttons on windows are now red.
  • You can now delete a saved ship design from the "Saved Ships" box in Creative Mode by right-clicking on the ship's icon.
  • Moved the "Trap Mouse Cursor" setting into the "Other" interface category.
  • The "Strings" folder is no longer inside the "Data" folder and thus will not be deleted when upgrading or re-installing the game.
  • The game will no longer report crashes and errors when the Data folder has been modded.


  • Bugfix: Crash when starting the game on DirectX 9.1 graphics hardware.
  • Bugfix: Planet "dark side" shadows not rendering properly.
  • Bugfix: Memory leak and performance reduction when repeatedly opening the ship design load/save dialog.
  • Bugfix: Occasional error when saving a ship and overwriting an existing save file.
  • Bugfix: Using the "hand" tool to grab a decal now properly records the decal removal for undo/redo.
  • Bugfix: Hotkey tooltips shown for parts that don't have hotkeys.
  • Bugfix: The part rotation buttons are no longer shown for parts that can't be rotated.
  • Bugfix: Sound glitches when pressing Ctrl-A (to select all ships) or Ctrl-Shift-A (to select all parts).
  • Bugfix: Tooltip typo in Settings dialog.
  • Bugfix: Minor graphical glitches with external walls for some weapons.