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The VariTech mod was created by Lafiel and is currently in development.


The original idea for the mod was conceived around September 2017 while working on the Retractable Antiproton Turret. The idea was based around animation and limited possibilities for morphing parts. This coincided with recent bug fixes for graphics animation. However, work did not start due to work on the Abh mod, the author's hiatus the following year, and subsequent catch up work on upgrading the Abh mod to Cosmoteer 0.14.x.

A mod specification document was published on 23rd June, 2018, and released to the small team that was gathered by then. However, the team members have yet to supply any work.

Meanwhile Kroom released his Kroom's Forge mode specifically for building small ships.

Actual work started September 28th, 2018, and the first prototype was finished and on 6th October, 2018. As the mod prototype relied on new features that came with the Cosmoteer 0.14.5 PD prototype it crashed randomly for various reasons. The unstable nature pushed a possible release back until further notice.

Technical details

Originally, the mod would assign graphic layers to certain type of parts for coordinated animation while also pushing sprites into lower layers to allow built auxiliray crafts and fighters to be kept and view able inside ships without contesting and obstructing the mothership's roof.

Due to game engine changes in 0.14.0 it was no longer possible to overlap graphics in one layer according to order. Therefore, graphics have to use more layers to avoid visual clipping glitches The complexity has increased and also requiring more layers to accommodate additional functions. It also became necessarily to provide compatibility with Kroom's Forge mod. Therefore, the original building arrangement was replaced by an open building design. However, both mods are not visually compatible. The reason being Kroom's mod was not visually designed for auxiliary craft and fighters with the same scope of being tucked inside a ship. It follows vanilla's graphical layer layout, hence, there will be mismatches.

It's possible to use custom layers to resolve the contested layer problem. Due to repercussions on memory and increased lag caused by additional layers it is currently not an option. This option may become viable in the future when better computers are available to most players. As compromise the graphics have expanded to use all layers and with some tolerated contested glitches. Although, this expansion has reduced the distance to vanilla layout, hence, Kroom's Forge mod it's still a difference of two layers for the "roof" view.

The mod uses the new features in 0.14.x with more convenient means for graphical replacement and morphing parts.

The mod also uses buffs extensively in conjunction with logic glue to determine and control transformation states.

Version History

Version 0.1


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