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Weapon Range Arc Price DPS per 1 DPS 6 width DPS 10k Health per width
Parts Armor Shields Structure Parts Armor Shields Structure Parts Armor Shields Structure
Small Laser 150/60 200d 6730 533 533 533 266 3200 3200 3200 1600 792 792 792 396 4000
Electrobolt 125/60 200d 10715 200 200 3600 150 1200 1200 21600 900 187 187 3360 140 6000
Ion Beam 180/170 0d 28430 2000 2000 2000 1500 6000 6000 6000 4500 703 703 703 528 4000
Standard Cannon 175/60 115d 10184 2000 1000 1000 500 6000 3000 3000 1500 1964 982 982 491 3000
Large Cannon 200/60 115d 22810 6000 2000 2000 1000 12000 4000 4000 2000 2630 877 877 438 4000
Missile Launcher 250/225 0d 50807 12557 5661 2133 9418 37671 16983 6400 28254 2472 1114 419 1854 3000


All calculations are on my google sheet page:


The cost of crew for some components are greatly reduced. As it uses theoretic minimum. In reality you need more crew then maximum. Half a crew is not useful they don't have time to go anywhere else and will stay at their post idling.

Missiles can reload at about a maximum of 1.5 seconds per missile. This is measured. Rough calculations from hitting a solid wall.

Armor is a full armor block. Explosions are very roughly calculated against it.

Parts is a 1 tile with 1 penetration resistance and no explosion resistance.


Missiles are basically impossible to calculate to calculate. Their fire speed is depended purely on reloading which is up to many factors. The values used is 1.5 seconds per missile which is measured under ideal situations. This is under a very ideal situations. Theoretical fire speed under less ideal is half at one missile every 3 seconds.

Theoretic was calculated using always congested, only 1 factory adjacent, and not factoring in time to fire.

Damage types

Their are 3 types of damage in the game operational, structural, and shield. In addition their is 2 other properties penetration and area damage block factor. Parts and armor both have operational hit points


The only tile in the game with structural type is structure. Most weapon that hit structure will deal its structural damage to the first one and keep going until it hits a operational tile. Even cannons which can normally damage many tiles at once will only damage one structure at a time. The only weapon that does not penetrate structure is missiles. When a missile collides with structure it will explode.


When a weapon hits a shield projected by the Shield Generator it will deal damage which is taken out of the shields energy reserve.

When a missile hits a shield it will deal direct damage (like all other weapons) and will explode at the point of impact. If the hull is particularly close it will deal damage.


Parts is the most common type in the game. When a part is destroyed it will leave behind structure which has to be destroyed separately.


The key difference between armor and parts in the table is penetration and explosion. Missiles explosion is greatly reduced by armor reducing its impact. Similarly cannons cannot penetrate through most external blocks and armor reducing their potential damage caused.

Weapons like small laser are counted here but big cannons do significantly move damage against it.

See penetration and area damage for more details.


Energy weapons are presented as overly expensive due to the cost of reactors. Power is easier to store compared to ammo. Being cheaper compared to generator, storing more seconds of generation, and is not explosive.

Cannons may seem a lot stronger but their weaknesses are not represented in the table. Requiring a larger local footprint and explosive on death.

Electrobolts are able to destroy shields easily but have low damage against everything else.

Missiles are by far the best weapon to shred apart structure but also don't ignore it. This is both a advantage and disadvantage. While it easily destroy it rendering it impassable and potentially separating. It will explode farther away dealing less damage to parts.