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The Antimatter Tank was introduced in version 0.4.5 to help with the transition of early mod part from battery usage to their intended ammunition. The reason being earlier Cosmoteer versions did not supported this. The whole anitmatter support system was for practical reasons outsourced and suggestion by the author forwarded to the community. As a result the core support systems is provided by the Matter Matters mod by User:Skynet. It is pre-filled. It is meant to help with smaller ships that cannot afford the space for the water condenser.


By default the antimatter tanks come filled with antimatter. This is in order to provide support even without the core support system. However, antimatter production is only provided by the Particle Accelerator from the Matter Matters mod.

As the Matter Matters mod has been discontinued antimatter is now supplied by Antimatter Creation Generator, Anisotropic Antimatter Generatrix, and Bio Transmutator.

Antimatter tanks explode when destroyed. Due to their nature the explosion is huge can can destroy nearby ships.

Antimatter Tank 1

A 1 m³ Antimatter Tank designed for very small ships and fighters.

Antimatter Tank 42

A 4.2 m³ Antimatter Tank designed for small ships.

Antimatter Tank 12

A 12 m³ Antimatter Tank designed for ships.

Antimatter Tank 100

A 100 m³ Antimatter Tank designed for ships.

Building recommendations