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The Ariel Cannon was introduced in 0.6.5. Since 2017 it was formally planned as the carousel cannon but got delayed and fallen behind due to low priority in general for roof turrets.


The cannon is a sniper weapon which can target and destroy specific parts on a target ship. It fires rocket assisted projectiles (RAP) with limited acceleration and homing. It uses a reloading mechanism similar to the revolver cannon and or modern gatling. This mechanism is a rotary system which at different position would be in different phases of loading and reloading. Therefore, reducing the amount of time needed for such tasks and increasing the rate of fire. The author's original idea in the past was for torpedoes but those were already too powerful for the game. The idea was revived again for a cannon.


The cannon requires ammo from a bullet factory. The cannon has three working modes: sniping, scatter, and normal.

In sniper mode the cannon has three targeting options: High Value Target (HVT), Medium Value Target (MVT), Low Value Target (LVT). Default if sniper HVT. When HVT is selected it will target control rooms, reactors, weapons and thrusters. With MVT it targets weapons, defenses, factories, storages. With LVT it targets thruster engine room, explosives, fire extinguisher and energy consuming parts. Armor and structures are not targeted. Targeted parts are damaged or destroyed when they are hit. The cannon cannot damage different target categories.

Scatter mode serves primary to deal damage to fast moving ships which can't be hit otherwise.

In normal mode the cannon acts like other weapons and offers four types of shots: HEIAP-RAP, HEAT-RAP, HESH-RAP, cluster shot. HEIAP-RAP is a high explosive armor piercing shot which is good at penetrating unprotected parts and causes fire. HEAT-RAP is a HEAT round and good at penetrating armor but has a short penetration range and causes fire. HESH-RAP is a HESH round which is good at damaging armor but bad against structures. It normally ignores structures unless manually targeted. Cluster is a scatter shot.

Building recommendations

  • Build like any roof turret weapon.


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