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The Countermeasure Dispenser 2 was introduced in 0.6.2. It is the internal version of the Countermeasure Dispenser with some differences.


The dispenser offers options to switch between using chaff, flare, or small depth charges which can be launched to distract enemy defenses. The depth charges can be used against shots and ships. They can also be launched in a 3 shot salvo to improve defense against shots. They can also be switched between homing and dumb fire. They are set to dumb fire by default. They have a time limited powered phase after which they will coast until standstill and serve as mines. Homing is therefore limited.


It works like any weapons part. It requires ammo.

Building recommendations

  • Build it on the insides.


    • 0.6.2 Health was raised from a ratio of 1.5 for armored parts to 3.0, inline with vanilla, which was raised from 2.0 to 3.0 to 4.0 in Cosmoteer 0.14.7.