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The Drop Suit was introduced in 0.6.4. It was originally meant for the VariTech transformation mod which had fallen into a dormant development state due to game bugs preventing it from being realized and completed. However, due to recent events of major game code changes and the newly established 2-week release schedule of Cosmoteer it was decided to move it into Abh. This is also part of the effort of using common resources.


The drop suit is different from the Combat Spacesuit in the VariTech mod in that it's unmanned and requires a crew to man it.


In order for the crew to use it, meaning, manning the suit a door must be build between it and a part. That is all. The suit has the same weapons as the Combat Spacesuit in the VariTech mod: two lasers and one mini missile launcher with two missiles. The missiles can be replenished by supplying the suit with ammo from the ammo factory. Use the necessary supply parts like the Docking Reload Station or Drone Launch Tube offered by Abh or other parts in other mods.

The suit can be launched from a ship by connecting it directly to a Ejection Bench or Ejection Tube 1x1.

The suit is like any ship and can be given targets to attack. It's best to give it targets before hand and outside shooting range.

Due to separation the actual forward moving direction is often the Left. Change moving direction as necessary.

Building recommendations

  • Place it on the launching or ejection side of the ejection bench or ejection tube. Leave space for the suit to leave the ship.

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