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The Impulse Thruster was introduced in 0.6.6. It was introduced as part of the internal impulse drive system.


The thruster is actually the impulse driver coil assembly which is the core of the impulse drive. It can be spiked with antimatter for more thrust.


The thruster can be used alone like any thruster and requires power supplies. Antimatter, plasma injectors, engine rooms, warp coil fields, and cooling can be used to increase its thrust. Antimatter is not necessary which is represented by the yellow warning indicator icon.

Build an internal impulse drive with these parts : Impulse Drive Control Unit or Impulse Engine Room, Fusion Reactor.

When connected in an impulse drive setup it will tap into the fusion reactors for power. It can be buffed up to 3000% or connected up to 30 fusion reactors. Beyond this it cannot handle the plasma flow. The roof can be visually customized to roughly display an impulse's exhaust shape. This feature unifies the need for 144 shape parts into one for a less smoother look.


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