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Part information


crew move speed:

Abh 0.7.0

DPS against shields:
DPS against hull:
DPS against armour:
area damage:
part power drain:
area power drain:
fire chance:

The Phaser Array Type 10 Section 6 was introduced in 0.7.0. It is a roof mounted version which is larger than the Phaser Array 20. They are completely different under the hood except for the user interface and lore.


The phaser array type 10 section 6 is a 45 degree section which can be build as part of a complete circular phaser array. This phaser array was designed with a flexible diameter by repeated placement of equal angled parts. This also allow more intriguing networks. It requires power.


Place it like any part or connect it to other phaser array type 10 sections. If it's stand alone, connect its end with Phaser Array Type 10 Section End part. Due to the 45 degree angle the end parts must be rotated as needed. The end part's roof graphics can be selected to fit the angles required for a seamless connection. It can be buffed with phaser chambers.

Unlike previous arrays this array does pool its fire power. Only one pooled powered beam can be shot at a time when the power requirements are met. Lower energy level beams can be fired simultaneously but not when the pooled energy beam is fired. However, currently all this is done automatically. A solution for manual control of this is not available yet.

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