Large Cannon

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Large Cannon
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Part information
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weapon, weapon_using_ammo


12.3 tonnes







Crew movement speed:
Crew Requirements:


Ammo Usage:

3.33 ammo/second

Weapon Stats
DPS against Shields:


DPS against Hull:


DPS against Structure:




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The Large Cannon is the big brother of the Standard Cannon. It is similar in use, but has higher stats. The main weakness of this weapon is its explosive nature, spread, and the low speed of the shells making it difficult to hit agile ships.



The cannon deals damage in 3 ways: impact, penetration, and fire. A direct hit to shields and hull deals 2400 damage, and a hit to structure deals 1200 damage. It has a range of 200, and speed 30. Its fire rate is 0.83 shots per second. This gives it a DPS of 2000 versus hull and shields and 1000 against structure.


Every tile that a cannon shot penetrates will take 1200 damage and has a 20% chance to catch on fire. Some tiles are more resistant to penetration than others, but the large cannon is capable of penetrating 5 of most tiles and 10 corridors (including the one it hits) in a row. When hitting most weapons, the cannon will continue to penetrate 2 standard tiles behind them and deal an extra 2400 damage[to what?]. The only tile it is unable to penetrate is full armour blocks.


The large cannon shoots at a random angle very time it fires. This makes it especially inaccurate. At ideal range (75) it will spread across 6.5 tiles and at maximum range (125)[isn't it 120?] it will spread across 10.8.


Large cannons require a minimum of 5 crew to run effectively and 3.33 ammo per second. Each factory will produce 2 ammo per second. Ammo factories consume minimal power at 1/19 a reactor when producing at maximum. The cannon is capable of storing 20 rounds (including chambered round). The third reloader is barely needed as it only needs to provide 0.1333 ammo per second out of the maximum of 1.6.

Unlike the standard cannon, large cannons can use up to 10 crew to reload at a time so they do not suffer from bottlenecking. However, they will need 2 entrances to prevent congestion and ensure a sufficient stream of ammo. The cannon will assume you have sufficient production and will consume 12 crew attempting to reload itself. The crew will go to other factories if possible, but excess crew will be standing in the closest factory waiting for ammo. As thus, it is crucial that any ship carrying large cannons has an appropriate number of factories.

The cannon will also require additional crew, part-time, to charge the ammo factories, as ammo factories are powered by energy. A single crewman can carry 25 rounds' worth of energy at a time, but can only carry 2 rounds, so it is possible to put the generators far away from the factories. Due to AI pathfinding, more crew will be needed.

For the reasons listed above its a good idea to localize production of ammunition as it will overall be cheaper, safer and result in higher reload speed.

The example battery to the right allows for
Big cannon example.png
sustained fire of 1 cannon. Fire extinguishers nearby are recommended, as detonation will start fires. Spacing between cannons and ammo factories is highly recommended due to their powerful explosions. If placed together, the destruction of one will result in that of the other, where a 1 block gap is enough to reduce the chance of that occurrence. The large amount of factories helps the crew AI. In this configuration, the cannon only consumes 7 crewmen most of the time (6 for a bit) with 1 crew restocking the ammo factories. The alternative battery to the left is simply 1 large cannons and 1 ammo factory, and can operate for 24 seconds before being reduced to 60% efficiency and hogging the crew.

Without 2 adjacent[factories?] the cannon will unevenly reload and heavily use one factory. It will wait a bit before switching over. This wait time reduces throughput. When a cannons throughput is reduced it consumes more crew. This results inside a cycle where it will periodically consume more crew. The extra cost for that much as ideal is 3:5. So this 1:2 costs only slightly more and is easier to tessellate.[not sure what this section means]


The large cannon is a durable weapon. That being said, precautions should still be taken. It has a bigger health pool than standard cannons, and is on par with small lasers. Like the standard cannon, it will explode upon death. Unlike the standard cannon, it stores much more ammo and therefore its explosion is on par with ammo storage. This can cause a chain reaction where losing the large cannon, storage, or factory will cause the entire battery to explode. Empty storage/cannons will cause much less damage than full ones. See Part Explosion for more detail.

The large cannon is capable of firing at 57.5 degrees in each direction, for a total of 115 degrees. The example battery provides the maximum amount of protection possible without interfering with the firing arc.