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Cannons are currently the only weapons which penetrate. Standard have a penetration of 2 and large a penetration of 5.(verification needed) Every tile it hits will reduce its penetration by its penetration resistance and will stop when it hits 0.

(The following examples are clearly wrong as they're inconsistent with the above and with each other):

  • Corridors have a penetration resistance of 0.5. So a large cannon will deal damage to the one it hits then damage to the 8 behind it.
  • Quarters, which are a 2x2 tile with a penetration resistance of 1. A large cannon will deal penetration damage to 4 dealing 1200 each.
  • Corridors and quarters: It hits a corridor, penetrates 1 corridor, and then damages 4 quarters behind it. The total is 4.5 penetration resistance but because it has 0.5 penetration left when it leaves the quarters it can go into another one.
Penetration resistance Part
0 Structure
0.5 Corridor


1 Default

Ion Beam

Missile launcher

Shield Generator


2 Point Defense
3 Standard Cannon

Armor Tri

Large Cannon

Small Laser

4 Armor 45

Armor 60

5 Armor 1x1

Armor 2x1

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