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Since July 5th 2019, Cosmoteer 0.14.14 is available on Steam as a demo. Cosmoteer can now be downloaded and updated via Steam. To download on Steam, go to the store page and click the "Download Demo" button on the right.

When downloading via Steam, the built-in auto-updater is disabled in favor of using Steam to provide updates.

Since the first Steam version, it offers "betas" branches for every stable update, which allows to revert the Steam version to an older version if needed. It is not possible to go back before the first Steam version.

The Steam version has multiplayer, and can play LAN or online. The early Steam version does not have "invite a friend" feature.

Note that using --rootsavepath will break steam cloud. Since steam doesn't know that you're changing the save directory, it'll still sync the default directory.

Other than these the Steam version is the same as the normal version. The procedure to install and use a mod is the same by using the in-game Mod menu.

Steam cloud is supported for saved games and ships. Unless disabled via Steam settings, your named saved games and ships will be backed up to the Steam Cloud and synched between computers. Quick-Saves, Auto-Saves, and Lost Ships will NOT be backed up to the Steam Cloud. There is a maximum of 10GB total for both saved games and ships. The saved game and ship library windows will display how much Steam Cloud storage is being used. Chained backup via Dropbox can be established by telling Dropbox to backup the same location as the game's standard location. The current standard location is users\username\documents\my games\cosmoteer\. Making manual change there will affect the cloud and Dropbox.